Let’s talk a bit about me…

My name is Noémie, I’m 32 years old. I’m a freelance journalist and photographer based in Tokyo. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in economics and law at a university in Bordeaux in France, I studied in and graduated from a graduate journalism school in Paris. Then, I started working as a journalist and made TV documentaries for 7 years. I was fascinated by the Japanese culture and landscapes for years, so I decided to go and live in Tokyo for one year in 2016 with the Working Holiday Visa. The best decision I ever made! In Tokyo, I met the man that became my husband, the love of my life. I have not moved back to France since.

Build a community

Because I love capturing beautiful things in everyday life with my camera and also telling stories, I decided to create “Noémie Memories”, an Instagram account and a blog in which I talk about “lifestyle”, “fashion”, “travel” as well as my thoughts.

Although we are living our life at 100 km/h, that the days are never long enough for us to do everything written on our “To do list”. I hope you will take time to visit my blog often, as I would like it to be a space where everyone participates and shares her or his thoughts. A community, so to speak. Me, I will share my decorations, items I found on the internet or in actual shops, my favorite recipes with my own tips and tricks, my guides to the city, and also little moments of happiness I found every week. On your side, I hope that you will share your feelings, your thoughts and pieces of advice by commenting on my blogs and on my Instagram posts.

For the past few months, a lot ideas and things I would like to do and share have come up in my mind. I feel the need to express myself artistically and professionally more than ever. I hope you will enjoy the content I’ll create here and be inspired!

Contact me

You like my universe and my artistic statement? You’re looking for a photographer for an event, for your website or to promote the last product of your brand? You would like to collaborate with on a project? Contact me at this address or use the form box below. I would love to discuss about it! You can also contact me directly via Instagram.

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