April girl


Today I’m 32 years old. It’s not a round number and not supposed to be an important stage. My family and my friends will not be here to celebrate with me. Yet, I’m sure I will always remember this 32nd birthday.


I was born an April 6th, around 3 am. I was so much in a hurry to discover the world that I almost saw the light of the day for the first time in my parents car. I’m a spring child, in love with flowers. Passionate, sensitive, stubborn, spontaneous, impulsive, foodie and honest. I’m an April girl, who rushes headlong even if that’s mean falling. An April girl who loves passionately, intensely, even if that means getting hurt.

I’m also in love with him. I love him more than everything I could imagine. I’m in love every day more and more. I’m so much in love that I fear a life without him. I’m in love with life. I’m in love, full stop.


Today, I’m 32 years old. And I have this feeling that I finally found myself, 10000 km away from where I was born. Thursday, I went to see cherry blossoms in my neighbourhood and I cried. I was moved to see so much beauty. But also moved to realize that it’s my last spring in Japan.

Three years ago, I left everything to go to Tokyo. At this time, I didn’t know that Yanaka’s small streets will become my new home. Today, I know that I will never get tired of the sounds, the smells, the scenes of everyday life of Yanaka. Never get tired of observing the seasons changing and the shops opening and closing. Never get tired of having small talks with the shopkeepers or exploring the hundred temples hidden in the neighbourhood.
This is where I went for the first time on a date with him. Where I was for the first time amazed with him. Where my tears of joy got blended with the rain when he asked me to marry him that night.

But here, I found even more than love. I found this April girl that lay dormant inside me. I finally took the time to listen to her, to understand her, to respect her. I learnt how to slow down, to take the time to live. I learnt to appreciate the nature and its beauty. To be more attentive than ever. I discovered myself alive, creative and inspired. I build my own community who I love to talk with.

Today, I’m 32 years old. And for the first time I feel serene. A page is about to be turned, but our story is just getting started. I believe in me, in us, in our projects. Now, I feel like it’s my turn to give birth to a new life.