Three ways to wear a vintage floral jacket



I’m back, without glasses, with shorter hair and with a fashion blog. Last month, on my birthday, I found this amazing jacket in a vintage shop in Shimokitazawa neighbourhood in Tokyo. I had a big crush. The design and shape is perfect (not slim fit but not too oversize neither), the floral pattern is perfect and the pastel colours are of course perfect. It’s like this vest has been made for me and was waiting for me all those years.
I knew right away that I will be able to wear it with many items of my wardrobe and I was right!
For the past year, I have tried to build a more sustainable wardrobe. An ideal wardrobe for me and my morphology, my wallet and for Planet Earth, I hope.
I’m now rarely buying new clothes (I spent 6 months without buying any), but every time I buy one, it’s a well thought out purchase, even if I always buy with my heart. The goal is to be able to mix as much as possible all my clothes and wear them more often. To consume less but still having fun with fashion and have many style options.

In this blog I will show you how I imagined thee different outfits with the same floral jacket. Even better if this jacket is vintage :) It took me less than 10 minutes to think about those three looks. It’s one of the big advantage of having and an ideal and reduce wardrobe. I hope you will like them and feel inspired.

Floral jacket & striped skirt

When I tried this vest in the shop, I immediately wanted to tie it with a waist belt. Lucky me, I fount the perfect belt in the same shop. The belt is colour cream and has a matte golden buckle. I was looking for a belt like this one for ages and it was only 10 euros so I bought it without any hesitation.

In my wardrobe I have only midi skirts. I love this length that I find elegant and that allows me to wear skirts without complexes and being worried about showing my butt to strangers haha. I bought this pink striped linen skirt in Zara last year. I didn’t go to a Zara shop for the past year because I’m trying to avoid as much as possible “fast fashion”, but I keep a long time most of the clothes I buy at Zara. I have a jacket that I bought 8 years ago and I still enjoy to wear it every spring. I know, ethically speaking the Spanish brand is not the best choice, but if you wear often the item its the most important, right? Once again, I’m not perfect and may never be because I can not afford a 100 % ethical wardrobe but I’m trying to do my best.

So this year, I was happy to wear again this very light skirt. I tried for the first time to wear floral pattern with stripes and I really loved the result! It gives modern vibes to this outfit. I also added silver sandals from the French brand Jonak and a bamboo bag. I would have preferred golden sandals but I don’t have any. Maybe my next purchase!

Finally, I’m wearing my favourite necklace (bought for my wedding) made by the French designer Louise Damas. I love all her jewellery. I’m also wearing the matching earrings.

Floral jacket, jeans & sneakers

This outfit was an evidence. I love to combine a suit jacket with a pair of jeans. A very casual-chic-Parisian style ;) I’m wearing a pair of jeans from &Other stories that I bought two years ago. All my favourite jeans are from this brand. I wear them again and again without getting tired of them. The design is perfect and the quality is really good. It’s “fast fashion” but I make it last! I love the fact that the jeans are bi-coloured. It matches perfectly with the pastel tons of my jacket. Once again it’s modernizing the vintage jacket.

Under the jacket I’m wearing a simple tee-shirt from the French brand Sézane with the word “Holiday” embroidered. I’m also wearing my Onitsuka tigers sneakers that I wear 300 days a year (I’m not kidding. I spend my life in sneakers. it’s so comfortable!) and a pink braided bag.

Floral jacket & denim skirt

My last outfit is kinda of mix of the previous ones. A skirt but a more casual look, easy to wear everyday. I love high waisted skirts buttoned at the front. I find them very feminine and flattering for the silhouette even with flat shoes like sandals or sneakers. This skirt is from Uniqlo, last collection.The pink basic tee-shirt is also from Uniqlo. I rolled up the sleeves to make the outfit look even more casual. It’s the perfect outfit to go shopping, to have a walk etc. So of course I also took my basket bag. If during winter I have only one leather bag and some backpacks, during summer I love to accessorize my looks with different bags.

So tell me, which one is your favourite outfit? Do you also like to create different looks with a timeless and strong item of your wardrobe?