A very simple word that says a lot: ”Dare”. I didn't dare for too long. "I'm not qualified", "What if it didn’t work?", "I don't have the time", "It's too risky", “Who is going to be interested about what I wan to say?"... There is way too many excuses to not throw yourself into what you want to do. But if you are reading this article on this blog today, it means that I’ve finally found the courage to push the "reset" button.

I’ve started a new Instagram account that not only focuses more on personal things, my everyday life, and what I like (cosy cafés, comfortables clothes as well as stylish ones, good food, flowers...) but also expresses myself, artistically and spontaneously. I'm passionate about photography; not only do I enjoy capturing moments, colors, and lights, but also I love making pretty things look even more beautiful through my photography. 

Telling stories

I have a degree in journalism. For years I made documentaries for television programs.  But overall, I’ve always loved writing, telling stories, and meeting new people. So here and on Instagram, I want to continue doing all those things. There will be articles where I will share my moods, my thoughts, my advices, my emotions in a section called "Talks". I will also write a lot of lifestyle articles where I will share my decorations, fashion and favorite Tv shows as well as my best recipes with my tips and tricks.

Rédactrice, photographe et créatrice de contenu

Two and a half years ago, I left everything in France to move to Japan. Since then, I learnt to trust and listen to myself more, and thanks to my husband’s support, I decided to become a self-employed business woman!

I'm officially a freelance writer, photographer and content creator (so weird to say that out loud). Being freelance is quite scary I have to say. My savings are gone for a while now, and this new status doesn't give any financial safety! I’m now working 12 hours a day, taking online lessons (Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator…) even though I’m not making any money yet. But being freelance in a domain you love, also means waking up every morning, smiling, thinking about the new projects you are working on. Overall, you get to pick the people you want to work with.

I know I live 10,000km away from Paris (or Europe in general); so, maybe it's going to be more complicated for me to work with the brands I really like or to be able to take pictures of the most beautiful moments of your life (your wedding, your bachelorette party, your baby’s birth, etc...). That's why we are thinking about moving to Europe in a the near future. In a the meanwhile, "Ganbarimasu", my new mantra in Japanese which literally means “I will do my best”.
I also hope that you will enjoy this blog and be inspired.

What about you? When was the last time you found the courage to make some changes in your life?