Little happiness of the week-n°1


Because we tend to forget our positivity and our smile when the weather is grey, when the workdays are endless and when we have to deal with our everyday life problems, I think it’s important to take time to think about all the good moments. So every week, I will share with you those little moments of happiness that made my days better with you. Feel free to share your own little happiness with me in the comment section :)

The stationary collection of Rifle Paper Co

You may not know it yet, but I’m crazy about stationary items. Note books, writing paper, To do list pad… I am collecting and cherishing them all. This passion for paper, especially the beautiful kinds, started long time ago (I will tell you more about it in a coming article) but in Tokyo, there are stationary shops with many floors where you can find everything you are looking for and even discover things. This week, I went to Tokyu Hands, a big shop with a floor dedicated to stationary goods and came across the new collection of the American brand Rifle Paper Co. Nice pastel flowers, a lot of vintage and cute flowers, and my dreamy To do list pads… I couldn’t resist so I bought…a lot! You can see all of my treasures in the picture below. I am gonna use them regularly to illustrate my articles.

Eat one of the best carrot cakes in Tokyo

I’m a foodie. If there is a carrot cake on a café menu or in a pastry shop, I have to order it! Like for matcha latte or pancakes, I can make my own rankings of the Tokyo’s best carrot cakes. I have tried almost all of them! This one, bought at The Garden house craft in Daikanyama, is definitively in my Top 3! With the ginger and cinnamon’s spicy flavor, it is, in my opinion, the perfect autumn cake.

Be spoiled by Petit Bateau X Ghibli Studio

I received this week a package from France with a nice surprise inside: a green striped sweater from Petit Bateau X Ghibli studio collab. In the box, there was a Totoro character patch to customized the sweater. If you are a Mononoke Princess or Ponyo on the cliff fan, Petit bateau also thought about you. Go have a look at the collection  and tell me what you think about it! Me, I love the Ponyo clothes, but unfortunately it’s only for kids.

Buy a beautiful magazine

Since I was little, I have been a magazine addict. I love flipping through them, touching the paper, looking at the pictures, and of course learning new things while being inspired by the content. In Japan, the magazines are very beautiful BUT, they are of course written in Japanese! I tried to learn kanji, but I failed after realizing that I needed to know at least 2,000 of them to be able to read an article. But from time to time, attractive covers and some gorgeous pictures make me buy Japanese magazine. Otherwise, I buy English ones. But their prices are just insane! For this fall edition of “Flow” magazine, I paid 2,500 yens (around 23 US dollars). So at the beginning I decided to not buy “Flow”, but then I had a look at the summary and, gosh, I wanted to read everything. So I bought it after all and made it one of my little happinesses of the week!