Wonderful ethical and sustainable stories ~ Portrait N°2 «Balzac Paris»

Balzac Paris is the proof that we can combine style, quality, and durability. The brand claims a responsible, timeless and feminine fashion. But how to limit your ecological impact and produce clothes in the best conditions while releasing a new collection every month? Chrysoline, co-founder and artistic director of the brand, agreed to answer my questions.

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To you, that we will never meet

Hard to know where to start. I'm not even sure I should write this article. In any case perhaps not now, on the stroke of emotion. I do not usually talk about such personal matters. Here or even with my friends. But today I feel the vital need to write. The need to share my grief with the whole world.

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Noémie SatoCommentaire
Wonderful ethical & sustainable stories ~ Portrait N°1 “Muse & Marlowe”

It seems that many of you want to change your way of living and consuming. But, you don’t always know where to start or what brands or small creators to trust. I regularly receive messages to ask me what my favorite ethical brands are. That's how I got the idea for this new column: "Wonderful ethical & responsible stories".

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